Founded in the 1935, Galbiati is still nowadays a brand in the dental market representing the Italian excellence for medical equipments. Dental units, furniture, laser and other high quality goods.

In 1935, Gaetano Galbiati understood that innovation, reliability and versatility were the keys of Success. Dental units of undoubted success, such as Beta (1952), Glenos (1956), G65 (1965), Sintomatic (1974), Fox, Smart ed Ego (2006), are the proof that he was in reason. Real milestones in the dental industry. 

Galbiati has now almost 80 years: 80 years of experience and know-how. And it’s still a leader in the Dental market. Nowadays, Galbiati still designs not only dental units, but also praxis complete of everything, from the furniture to the laser machines, from the radiological devices to the bio-postural systems and much, much more. The quality of Galbiati is based on continuous investments in research and development of new products combining high performances and high comfort, reliability and design at very competitive price.