Fukuda Denshi FUKUDA DENSHI, which succeeded in 1939 in developing the first electrocardiograph (ECG) ever produced in Japan, has continued enhancing its know-how as a pioneer of the electrocardiograph in this country while building a firm foundation in the medical equipment industry and continuing to grow along with the daily-evolving health and medicine fields.

The FUKUDA DENSHI Group is a manufacturer specialized in medical instruments, which provides products and services utilizing our accumulated wide-ranging resources in the medical field to offer total support "from medical examination to medical treatment and first aid, and even home medical care."

Going forward, we are aiming to establish a brand that is trusted by the entire world and to develop and sell "Fukuda-created" products which can make a contribution in global markets as well as in Japan, as we strongly challenge ourselves to grow from the "FUKUDA DENSHI of Japan" to the "FUKUDA DENSHI of the world."