FRIO Insulin and Medical cooling wallets FRIO Insulin and Medical cooling wallets Established in 1996, FRÍO® UK Ltd is a world leader in evaporative cooling technology and the inventor, manufacturer and supplier of the patented FRÍO® Insulin cooling wallets. The FRÍO® range of cooling wallets provides freedom to diabetics and people suffering from medical conditions who rely on temperature sensitive medication, but don’t have access to a fridge. The FRÍO® cooling wallets will keep medication cool, safe and protected, even in extreme temperatures for a minimum of 45 hours. This provides freedom to travel and other lifestyle benefits. FRÍO®s sports and leisure range of cooling products includes cooling head, neck, wrist and ankle bands for exercise and swelling relief, drinks coolers and cooling Migraine head soothers. FRÍO® UK Ltd are currently seeking global distributors. FDA & ISO 9001 certified