Background Frimed was established in 1997 by Roberto and Maurizio Palladino, who can boast a twenty year experience in medical refrigeration. Constant research and development, together with professional and serious attitude have allowed to design and manufacture highly reliable refrigerators to be used exclusively in hospital, bio-medical and pharmaceutical field, in addition to scientific field in general.

From 1997 to 2005, Frimed was based in Pecetto Torinese (Turin). In order to respond to a constant commercial and technological development, in 2005 the company moved to the industrial area of Buttigliera d'Asti (Asti), in a new factory, where advanced machineries have allowed to manufacture on industrial scale. At present, many national hospitals, as well as private laboratories and pharmaceutical industries choose Frimed appliances.

A distribution net abroad is developing. Frimed always means quality and reliability. Goals To manufacture highly professional and quality reliable appliances, in a short time and at competitive prices, which fully meet with clients _x0019_ need: these are the elements leading our choices and orienting our strategies. Results Technology, innovation and design represent the constructive philosophy of our products, as result of technical competence, constant research, flexibility of our staff and quality of material employed, all reasons to choose Frimed as leading company in medical equipment field.