The network "Take Care" is an amalgamation of industrial partners, research institutes and users. Its objective is to jointly develop innovative products and services to provide assistance systems for humans as well as to develop new markets and to generate jobs.

The focus of Take Care focus is on the man and the sensor-based detection and evaluation of activity and vital data such as biometric information in many different formats and applications.

The detection of activity and vital data through a miniaturized, unobtrusive system and associated analysis not only allow the identification of the current situation in life, but also the performance of the current recommendations for action to preserve the physical and mental performance in the long term and to old age. Thus, the activity and vital data-assistant as Lifetime Monitoring the users provide future information that will allow a simulation of the physical and mental development (Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes, etc.). The data provide important conclusions about the effectiveness of drugs and make it possible to plan treatment concepts or preventive measures better and more individually.