Fraunhofer EMFT

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Company Profile Fraunhofer EMFT Fraunhofer EMFT conducts cutting-edge applied research into sensors and actuators for man and environment. The core competences of the research departments in Munich and Regensburg with hundred employees include: silicon technology, flexible electronics, chemical sensor materials and the capability of system integration. The business area Microdosage Systems deals with handling and exact dosage of smallest amounts of liquids and gases and has great impact for the field of medical technology. The area of medical technology includes various application areas, such as drug delivery via external or implanted dosage systems. These can be deployed for example in pain therapy, hormone therapy, tumor therapy and in handling of diabetes. All of these application areas require exact dosage of minimal quantities. Additionally, the components of the dosage systems must be disposable and therefore producible at minimal cost. This is achieved by using materials such as plastics or metal.