Company Profile About Us... The Team We want you to be satisfied. We all regularly receive technical training going from the trainees all the way up to our managing directors. This assures the quality of our advice, which both you and we greatly value. As our customers you are our prime focus. We do not leave you on your own. Our staff of more than 28 are keen to work toward our customers and also to satisfy your individual wishes. T he Company Today Franz Mensch GmbH is based in Eresing, near Munich. The rooms are equipped with the latest communication technology. This is where you can consult us. Internationally. We receive and process your orders world-wide over the internet. Our 1000 m² high rack warehouse features a large selection of branded items just waiting for you. There is constant control of the quality of both the products we manufacture ourselves and of those for resale. We aim to satisfy your wishes and those of your customers: surely, reliably, each and every day.