Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Elektrische Bauelemente KG is an owner-managed family business which manufactures and sells connectors for industrial applications. 1,400 employees are employed worldwide, of which 750 are employed at the headquarters in Neckarsulm. binder has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, France, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, China, Singapore and in the USA. Specialist As a specialist for the production of field attachable circular connectors and integrated connectors as well as moulded cable connectors for automation technology, our strengths are the individual development, construction and automated production of customized connectors.

Range of products Our product portfolio ranges from subminiature connectors with a diameter of 6,5 mm to high-pole machine connectors with a diameter up to 40 mm. binder connectors are used among others in automation technology, measurement and control and medical engineering. Reliability, Quality and Responsibility binder is a traditional, value-oriented company which stands for a high reliability towards customers, employees and service providers. A high vertical integration guarantees an optimal control of all manufacturing processes and, therefore, secures an outstanding quality and reliability which have been appreciated by our customers for decades.

We offer High-pole circular connectors up to 24 contacts Circular connectors for high currents up to 25A, 400 V Connectors for automation technology with M5, M8 and M12 threaded lock Customized connectors for medical engineering and cable assembly Solenoid valve connectors Buzzwords: Connectors, medical engineering, cable assembly, circular connectors, ISO 13485 in preparation, high vertical integration, long-term supplier of connectors for infusion pumps and monitoring of patients.