Company Profile MARFRAN.MED®: MARFRAN.MED®: YOUR PARTNER FOR high-tech solutionS IN medical technology Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri s.r.l. is a leader in the production of compounds based on thermoplastic elastomers compounds (TPE/TPO based on SBS and SEBS) since 1987 under the trade name MARFRAN®. Our management and technical staff’s know how has led the company to record a progressive increase in sales over the last fifteen years, strengthening its image and ability to present itself as a reliable partner offering appropriate, timely solutions. The organization includes a master and sample department capable of rapidly reprocessing every catalogued material. We meet the medical and pharmaceutical industry with our new MARFRAN.MED®. Our innovative solutions made us a reliable partner for the development of new products for biocompatible medical device. MARFRAN.MED® is produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (norm for medical device manufacturing). We certify each compound according to ISO 10993 (guideline for Biocompatibility Safety Assessment of Medical Devices for body) and USP Class VI (United States Pharmacopeia standards for quality, purity, strength and consistency – we have passed the top Class VI because our compound exhibit a very low level of toxicity by passing all of the tests requirements) The transformation processes for MARFRAN.MED® is carried out in a new dedicated clean room, highly automated and subject to cleaning procedures. We have chosen the best technology to guarantee customer’s top quality and each compound have to pass strict checks through the Optical Control System. The range of MARFRAN.MED® products finds application in the production of countless semi-finished products dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industry: lines of infusion and transfusion, hemodialysis, drain bags, nasogastric catheters, drip chambers and containers, urodynamic catheter, irrigation, balloons for gynecology, antibacterial products, primary packaging for injection ports, connectors, lyophilization, plungers for empty syringes, dropper bulbs, oxygen therapy devices, surgical instruments, tubing for peristaltic pumps, micro-extrusion of medical tubes, micro-stamping of semi-finished medical products, latex free micro balloons, breathing bags, overmoulded components, fittings, luer lock, disposable elastic membranes, breathing systems, dispensers, devices for manometers, gaskets for components, products for orthopedics, product for oral care and dentistry, masks, containers for analysis, valves, clamps… We are a reliable partner for high-tech solutions in medical technology; develop a new innovative MARFRAN.MED® application with us.