Company Profile COMPANY PROFILE FRAMOS GmbH Since 30 years, FRAMOS GmbH serves customers in the field of industrial image processing. We offer a comprehensive range of sensors, cameras and image processing components as well as development support services and complete solutions for image processing applications. Our team currently consists of 50 associates and we are achieving sales of approximately € 30 million. “Teaching machines to see” is what drives us. For us, image processing is not just a technical discipline, but a fascination, the future and our mission all at the same time. Our 30 years of experience add up to 30 years of participation in the evolution of a revolutionary new technology. The spirit of innovation and development of our early days has remained at the heart of our company. It defines our three areas of business: Imaging Products – Components for image processing Through our close and long-term partnerships with numerous highly regarded manufacturers, we’re able to provide you with our wide, market-driven, efficient, tried and tested range of different types of image sensors, cameras, optics, lighting, cables and image acquisition components. Engineering Support – Development support for cameras and software Our vast knowledge allows us to work with your engineering group on multiple levels including development support, prototype development, software integration, algorithms and design support as well as reducing the development time and maximizing the flexibility and scalability of image processing components. FRAMOS provides ideal support in all these areas from the decision-making process right up to the finished product. Imaging Solutions – Customized image processing solutions Whether automation, quality assurance, medical, security or transport, almost every field of application in different industrial sectors will be supported by image processing systems. If you want to use an image processing system, we'll help you with the best combination of image processing components such as cameras, lenses, lighting, and the right software. Our team will also develop a finished system and programme the applications in the corresponding development and user environment. With the integration, start-up and maintenance later on, we cover the entire value chain. Our know-how, combined with the ability to think outside the box, results in tailored image processing solutions. As a complete product and service provider working with you from the product to the application, from development to support, from consultancy to global logistics, FRAMOS will also be enabling the imaging of tomorrow, defining trends on the market and serving you with the highest quality products and services. You can therefore focus on strengthening your competitive advantage - we'll take care of the rest and support you all the way. Downloads: Download FRAMOS Company Profile (pdf - 1.5MB) click here