Foreseeson EMEA Sharing Your Vision at Foreseeson EMEA Foreseeson provides innovative, custom LCD displays and fiber optic components. We engineer, manufacture, and support the displays that we offer. By collaborating with our strategic global partners, Foreseeson can satisfy the needs for display monitors and fiber optic components for industries worldwide. Foreseeson specializes in the development and production of HD monitors designed for medical needs, an environment that relies heavily on quality image reproduction. Inside each Foreseeson display is technology that has the medical user in mind. We have the ability to clamp down the visible color spectrum, ensuring that doctors see exactly what they expect to see. The outside of each Foreseeson display is built to withstand the rigors of hospital or clinical use. We start with aluminum enclosures (IPX1 liquid protection) that stand up to the OR’s continuous adjustments and repeated cleanings. The front viewing surface has anti-reflection glass or protective anti-scratch acrylic options. Central video management and distribution can be a daunting task. Foreseeson, and our sister company OPHIT, have the interface connections to control, convert and direct all kinds of video, audio and data information. Our networking product range, including switchers, converters, extenders, fiber cable, and controllers, can be combined to form customized solutions via fiber optic technology.