Foot Science International (FSI) - A world leading New Zealand based supplier of customisable orthotics. FSI design and manufacture products to help treat those suffering lower back and limb pain, to prevent injuries and falls and to provide greater comfort and performance. For more information, view the corporate brochure - available soon. Formthotics - Custom Medical Orthotics FSI's premium product brand, Formthotics are custom fitted pre-fabricated orthotics, designed and manufactured for over 35 years in New Zealand. Made from a 3D milled, thermoformable, proprietary closed cell polyethylene foam, Formthotics are the preferred choice for clinicians in around 40 countries.

Clinicians tell us that Formthotics are convenient, effective, reliable, fast-to-fit: Formthotics are versatile, assisting the treatment of a variety of lower limb extremity problems Formthotics can be fitted at the first appointment - fitted within 15 minutes A trusted, consistent high quality device Proven with over 30 years of peer reviewed research Formthotics are used by millions throughout the world to provide the ultimate comfort and support in their day to day lives. We look forward to meeting you at Medica.