The Confidence of the Medical Products Industry ... for a manufacturer, is earned only through years of strict adherence to rigid quality standards, performance-oriented product designs, and a dedication to fully support the people and organizations who distribute, sell and apply those products for patient use.

Toward this Goal ... Earning and Holding the Confidence of the Medical Products Industry ... FlaManCo has developed its line of products.

FlaManCo's products are designed to provide the injury support, protection and stabilization the Physician requires to promote quick and effective healing. They reflect an uncompromising dedication to positive performance, simple application, comfortable patient use and rigid quality standards.

We stand behind each and every item to the point of including our "Sales Guarantee". If you cannot sell our products, return for full credit. It is easy for you to stock FlaManCo's products with complete confidence. FlaManCo looks forward to building a lasting business relationship with you and your organization.