Flaem Nuova has been on the aerosol therapy market for 40 years. The company was founded in 1966 and can be considered one of the pioneers of the industrialisation of aerosol therapy and vacuum storage appliances. The adoption of an integrated vertical production policy has enabled FLAEM NUOVA to always maintain the complete control of its production and to develop production potential in a regular and ongoing manner.

The qualified production process is entrusted to about 120 employees who have been working according to a certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 system since 1996 and UNI CEI EN 13485:04 system since 1997.The stringent working procedures, the meticulous production protocols and the constant monitoring of quality control have been established along the production lines of all major components, thereby ensuring high standards of product quality and integrity, with the fundamental aim of safeguarding at all times the safety and satisfaction of the end consumer. Plastic material moulding represents the first link in the verticalised production cycle. The FLAEM NUOVA moulding department is equipped with the most modern computer-controlled machinery in the hands of skilled operators.

The raw materials used are top-quality resins supplied by leading companies at world level. The assembly of the components and finished products is done on flexible assembly lines featuring various degrees of automation. The renewal of the product range is entrusted to the Research and Development department which operates according to the needs of an increasingly more discerning and informed international market; the high potential of the technological means at the company's disposal and regular staff updating to keep up with ongoing changes in regulations are an indication of speedy project evolution, high reliability and the absolute conformity of the end product.