Fjordblink Medical ApS

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About Us Fjordblink® Medical's mission is to promote pain relieving water birth by manufacturing and marketing birth pools that meet the highest requirements for hygiene, comfort, and ergonomics. It is well established that hot water has a soothing and pain relieving effect. In collaboration with leading midwives at Danish hospitals, Fjordblink® Medical has developed a unique birth pool for pain relieving water birth. Fjordblink ® Medical's product concept combines maximum comfort and safety for women in labor with professional requirements for functionality, ergonomics, and hygiene. Fjordblink ® Medical birth pools are therefore developed as a medical device and FJORDBLINK Medical is certified in accordance with the DS/EN ISO 13485:2003 ISO standard. During two decades, Fjordblink ® Medical’s product concept has been used successfully in numerous countries, and through ongoing contact with professionals Fjordblink ® Medical continuously improves modern birth pool technology.