Electromedical equipment manufacturers FEAS ELECTRONICA S.A. Established in 1983, FEAS ELECTRONICA S.A. is in the business of providing high quality technical expertise to the healthcare and medical communities. FEAS ELECTRONICA S.A. specializes in manufacturing Medical Equipment and in building software applications, and hardware solutions to improve the life quality of patients. Our company makes several kind of equipment as follows:

-Multiparameter Monitor -Cardiac Monitor -Non Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor -Pulse Oxymeter -Oxycapnography Monitor -Capnograph -Monitoring Central Station -Hemodynamic Polygraph System -Electrophysiology and Hemodynamic Polygraph System -Radio Frequency Ablator -Programmable Cardiac Stimulator -Portable Defibrillators Contact us at: Phone: +54-351-4848016 or 18 Fax: +54-351-4850750 E-mail: [email protected] Web page: www.feaselectronica.com.ar