In 1895 two brothers , Filippo and Gino Zabban , start in Bologna an activity that has no precedent in Italy : the industrial production of medical dressing for hospitals. Thet will succeedin trasforming a lightweight cotton fabric into hydrophilic and medicated pads and bandages. The new material was called gauze .

Appreciation is such that the prestigious Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute urges the study of a version of starched gauze suitable for plaster casts . Zabban reconfirmed its icapacity for innovation and wasìs the first Italian company to produce these bandages. The product portfolio is enriched over time by a number of other Medical Devices, it began enjoying constant growth.

Currently, the company , in the meantime became Farmac - Zabban SpA, is active in the production of articles for medication, surgical and medical devices that distributes to hospitals, nursing homes , pharmacies and supplystores. It boasts approximately 10,000 customers and approximately 180 employees and sales force . The know-how is part of a policy of investment in facilities , technology, human resources and information technology services.