Ashur Scientific bureau (FIA Group) is a professional Iraqi Medical Company that continues to grow day after day as we don’t look for the level of our success but all the time we are looking for our faults and our weak points. Our principal is to know more than the others, work more than the others and expect profit less than others and our golden rule is to promise less but deliver more.


We believe that we are the weak link between the manufacturers and the end users and all the time we are doing our best to satisfy both of them But we are not ready to forget our ethics or to lose any. Never start a war but if we are enforced to enter a war, we will be very destructive and make it very fast. I can describe our group as palm with deep roots with a lot of fronds, each of our staff works as a frond to bring the benefit of the sun to that palm and to protect the dates.


We are investing in our staff but never ever accept to depend in our existence on any of our staff or our vendors. The dates of that palm is the thankful look we can see in the eyes of our clients, vendors and our employees. No limits for our expectations but we will never lose our Islamic principles and we are not ready to break any of them. All the time we are looking in different angle than others, if 10 persons said this colour is white, we are putting in our mind its light yellow or pink as may be one of the 10 said its white and he was able to convince the others about his view. We are working in away of having positive stamp to any area we are entering.