Since 1983, Exel has been designing and producing microelectronics with state of the art technology and the most advanced technical innovations. The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on board) and M.C.M. (multichip module) technology. To facilitate the access of small- and medium-sized companies to this technology, Exel provides samples and products in small, medium and large quantities.

Today, almost all silicone foundries deliver standard I.C. in "Die" form, making solutions in "C.O.B." easier to achieve. The design is aimed at the hardware and software development of 8-16-32 bit microcontrollers and microprocessors to focus one’s effort to ARM® 9, ARM®11, ARM®CORTEX .

The skill and degree of specialization are consolidated by the partnerships, as design center, with: EPSON®, ATMEL®, ARTILA, CONTEC, INCOSTARTEC, U.R.T. The expert for • EMBEDDED DESIGN SOLUTION • HARDWARE & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT • INTEGRATION • PRODUCTION • SERVICES