Introducing Wireless Nurse Call System Introducing Wireless Nurse Call System Wireless! No loose cords!Easy to use! No wiring construction needed! Multi-hop wireless extension! Excel Engineering has been in welfare care business since its start-up as a development company of the electronic communication products in 1996. Our fall/wandering prevention sensors have been widely acclaimed from the hospitals and senior housings in Japan. Lately, our products have become well-known not only in Japan, but in Hong Kong and China where our manufacture base is, and also has expanded a sales network to U.S., Europe and Australia. In 2007, we have developed “NC2000” -- nurse call system based on PLC-- and “NC100”--wireless system for sensors --. By these systems, sensor-based care for falling and wandering will be more reliable and gain recognition. We believe that they will soon be recognized as international common infrastructure. Also, we have been offering products to meet the care needs of all people requiring support to live at home. Our home care products “NRM series”-- wireless nurse call system-- have been well accepted in the market for many years. Excel Engineering set up branch offices in seven places in Japan, in USA and HK, China and Europe in order to serve customers more efficiently. We will continue efforts to improve our products, services and processes and commit to pursue the development of senior care products. Finally, we would like to thank you for your consideration of our products and look forward to hearing from you.