EXBIO manufactures and supplies monoclonal antibodies for world wide distribution. We have become trusted and reliable supplier to many of the leading biotech companies. Because of the high performance characteristics and quality, our antibodies are widely recognized reagents and appear in catalogues of large number of immunochemical retailers.

BULK EXBIO manufactures more than 90% of the products in the catalogue, which allows us to offer bulk quantities at very reasonable prices. Bulk quantities are suitable not only for manufacturers of immunochemical reagent based on our antibodies, but also for researchers that require larger amounts and want to save money.

OEM EXBIO distributes the packed products to retailers who sell our products under their own trademark.

Because our antibodies are well known among life science community, we distribute our products under EXBIO trademark through experienced local distributors.

If you do not see your local distributor at our website, please contact us for the DIRECT DELIVERY .