Company Profile About us The painter Costerop creates a cheerful and optimistic view of man and his surrounding scenery by means of painted rough lines and primary colours. Costerop knows what it means to have a stoma and how to live with it in a good way. To underline his vision, Costerop has created a unique packaging design for stoma products. "In general medical packaging looks dull and clinical" says Costerop. I prefer to give it a colourful appearance so that people with stomas will not be treated as patients. The cartons with my design are very striking and therefore perhaps discrete, because nobody expects them to contain stoma pouches. For the packaging of the 1-piece stoma systems Costerop painted cheerful butterflies in a colourful environment. “I have always been fascinated by butterflies”, says Costerop. “The first part of their life they spend as a caterpillar. All day they are busy finding food. Then, suddenly, they get a second life as a butterfly, far more cheerful. A butterfly is free to go; from flower to flower”. This is often the case with people. After a life of hard work they may become ill, and then they realize that there is more to life than just earning money. After their recovery they are capable to enjoy the little things, and their ‘second life’ is considered to be more useful. The 2-piece packaging shows an ostomate going for a swim in a tropical setting. People with stomas must be able to move freely as well, without restrictions. The colourful Costerop packaging symbolize this new life for people with stomas. “If people go on holidays and dare to swim again, then they have confidence in themselves and in the appliances that they are using”, says Costerop. “I hope that my packaging designs will contribute to that confidence”.