EUROIMMUN was founded in September 1987 and today has its headquarters in Luebeck, Germany. German branches are situated in Gross Groenau near Luebeck (Schleswig Holstein), Dassow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania),Rennersdorf (Upper Lusatia, Saxony) and in Pegnitz (Upper Franconia, Bavaria). Further EUROIMMUN AG subsidiaries can be found in Canada (Mississauga), China (Beijing, Hangzhou), Brazil (São Paulo), France (Bussy-Saint-Martin),Great Britain (Wimbledon), Italy (Padua), Poland (Wroc­­ław), Switzerland (Lucerne), Singapore, South Africa (Cape­town), Turkey (Istanbul) and the USA (New Jersey). At present EUROIMMUN has 1212 employees in Germany, 1712 worldwide. The company is ISO-certified (EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485/CMDCAS).

EUROIMMUN is one of the world's leading developers and manu­facturers of medical laboratory reagents, in the foreground for the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases and allergies. The techniques applied are predominantly indirect immunofluorescence, ELISA, immunoblot and microarrays for genetic marker diagnostics. The company’s expertise encompasses also the application of the products in a reference laboratory which is worldwide unequalled, especially in autoimmune diagnostics, receiving five hundred serum samples daily, from many countries.

The BIOCHIPs are one of EUROIMMUN's many inventions: paper-thin sheets of glass are coated with cells or tissue sections and then cut automatically into millimetre-sized fragments which are subsequently glued onto slides using a fully automated device. This BIOCHIP technology allows extreme miniaturization and standardization of immun­bio­chemical analyses. With BIOCHIP Mosaics™ made from 30 or more different organ sections, cell substrates or defined antigens (EUROPLUS™) only mini­mum incubation efforts are necessary to obtain a detailed antibody profile.
In EUROIMMUN enzyme immunoassays (ELISAs) defined antigens, purified using state-of-the-art biotechnological processes, are employed as the antigen substrate. Some of these antigens are synthesised in the company's molecular biology laboratories. EUROIMMUN ELISA are characterised by their excellent stability, simple handling and short incubation times, and they are ideal for automated use. All reagents are delivered ready-to-use and are exchangeable between different lots. EUROIMMUN offers the largest and most differentiated arsenal of enzyme immunoassays worldwide for the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases.

The innovative procedures EUROASSAY and EUROLINE developed by EUROIMMUN follow the same test principle as the ELISA methods, with the use of the BIOCHIP technology. At EUROIMMUN purified antigens are printed in parallel lines at defined positions on membrane strips. Following incubation, users can evaluate results visually without additional equipment. These reagents allow in particular the differentiation of antibodies that are not clearly defined microscopically by indirect immunofluorescence. EUROASSAY and EUROLINE are also em­ployed in laboratories where no sophisticated laboratory instruments are available. EUROIMMUN produces an extensive range of Westernblot strip test systems and corres­ponding reagents for confirmation of positive fluorescence and ELISA results as well as clarification of difficult-to-interpret results in autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology and allergology. Refined electrophoretical processes have been developed to allow the precise separation of diagnostically relevant proteins from one another. Lot-specific evalu­ation templates are produced for the evaluation of band patterns. The program "EURO­LineScan" enables fully automated evaluation of membrane-based test systems and simplifies the archiving of results with large sample series.

One of the company's main strengths is its technical expertise. This encompasses not just the manufacture and sale of medical laboratory diagnostics, but also the diagnostic application of the products in a reference laboratory which provides highly differential diagnostics. This reference laboratory has set standards in Germany, and worldwide is unequalled in the whole field of autoimmune diagnostics. The diagnostic spectrum of the laboratory also covers the areas of infectious serology and serological allergy diagnostics. The reference laboratory receives hundreds of serum samples daily from all over Germany as well as from many other countries. It helps EUROIMMUN customers to secure their results: a large proportion of serum samples sent to EUROIMMUN for evaluation are analysed free of charge in order to maintain high standards in the laboratories of EUROIMMUN customers. Customers can obtain further technical information from experienced scientists in the company, with whom they can also discuss serological problem cases. The "Institute for Quality Assurance", an institution newly founded by EUROIMMUN, organises unbiased quality assessments and provides advice in the area of quality management. Moreover, EUROIMMUN has established the "Institute for experimental Immunology" which is engaged in basic research.

Natural scientists are particularly strongly represented at EUROIMMUN, corresponding to the company's activities. Among these are many biologists, biochemists and chemists, as well as medical technicians and biology laboratory technicians. Further, numerous engineers and computer scientists are responsible for the development and improvement of the company's automation systems. A third of employees have a graduate degree and 110 hold a doctorate. At present the company is training 60 young people in 8 apprentice professions and 2 dual degree programmes.

At EUROIMMUN great value is placed on advising customers and prospective customers in a factual, technical and commercially restrained manner and fully supporting them in the use of our diagnostically demanding products. EUROIMMUN products are backed by an energetic and competent sales force, qualified information material, didactic test instructions and scientifically based, but nevertheless understandable advertisements in technical journals. Advertising material is produced in-house using the latest desktop publishing methods, right up until the fully digitalised ready-for-exposure documents. The most important publications and posters are translated into many languages.

Over 6,000 laboratories worldwide use EUROIMMUN diagnostics: 400 of these are in Ger­many. The company's development is shaped by continuous growth. Although the diagnostic market in Germany stagnated and has become particularly strongly competitive, EURO­IMMUN has been able to continue its strong expansion. The company is achieving an ever increasing independence from the German market, since more and more products are sold abroad. With their quality and standardisation, EUROIMMUN products are capturing the leading position in the world.