The company was founded in Legnano in 2001, to carry forward the success achieved by its founder, Paolo Licciulli, whose experience creating anti-decubitus products and surfaces began back in 1996 with the Pielle Company. The Pielle brandname was kept, to give the company continuity as it grew and began to export its systems around the world. EURO AUSILI has used its know-how to develop innovative products through its constant research for ever-better solutions, both technically and in terms of quality.

The research and development laboratory employs highly specialised personnel skilled in designing advanced-technology systems. Joint ventures with important European partners mean we can respond to market demands in real time, creating products to satisfy our customers' needs. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people using our anti-decubitus systems; patient is at the centre of our attention. High quality standards, one of our company's main objectives, constant research for cutting-edge solutions, and above all careful selection of materials, all contribute to the excellent value-for-money that is appreciated in our products.