EUFOTON was founded in 1997 in Trieste with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing portable surgical and medical lasers. These tools consist of semiconductors (diodes), which do not wear down, do not need constant maintenance, do not show high consumption of active materials and are much more innovative compared to their predecessors, which were mostly gas tube lasers.

Since its foundation EUFOTON has put strong emphasis on launching new products on a market, which initially was not particularly interested in these new semiconductors. EUFOTON has taken advantage of the participation in several conferences in order to promote and advertise its new products and has placed them on the domestic market, thus providing a valid alternative to foreign products, thanks to their high technological quality and easiness of use.

Lasers can be applied to a wide range of medical fields (odontology,dermatology, vascular and repair surgery, orthopaedics), cosmetology andphysioterapy, though in the last two cases the doctor has to take responsibility of using this device.