Especialistas en Esterilizacion y Envase SA DE CV

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About EEE Since 1983, EEE have been working for the sterilization market, manufacturing high quality products, developing innovative characteristics for them and contributing in sterilization teaching and research. Our factory located in Mexico City produces: Packages for sterilization Heat sealable (with or without gusset) and self-sealing paper bags. Heat sealable (with or without gusset) and self-sealing second generation see trough pouches (paper-film). See trough reels (paper-film), with or without gusset and lateral opening. Heat sealable (with or without gusset) and self-sealing second generation see trough pouches for plasma sterilisation (Film-Tyvek®). See trough reels for plasma sterilisation (Film- Tyvek®), with or without gusset. Sheets or reels (pre-cut and plain) of crepe paper for wrapping printed with indicators. SMS sheets for wrapping. Controlsto verify sterilization process. Chemical indicator stripes and points for steam, gas ETO, formaldehyde and plasma sterilization. Sterilisation Tapes for steam, ETO Bowie & Dick and Mini Bowie & Dick test sheets and packs. Biological indicators Sealing Machines and Sealing Machines with touch screen and printer Disposable Clothing made in our factory in Guadalajara Bacteriostatic Mats (For clean and controlled areas) Examination lights Packaging for medical industry disposables and the food industry with special printings. EEE operates in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Chile directly but our reach includes Latin America, USA, Europe, Asia, South Pacific and Middle East. The EEE team includes a workforce of more than 400 people based on a philosophy of international quality standards. We have a certification in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and GMP. It is our commitment to provide quality products, services and improve them every day.