ESAFARMA SRL ESAFARMA is in the market and operates in the hospital field since 1978. The quality and the constant research and development of new products have been joined to create a first quality company that can well assist its customers in all their necessities. ESAFARMA is certified according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 and manufactures its own disposable non-woven medical devices in the modern plant located in Terontola, about 80 km from Florence. The plant has modern clean-rooms and warehousing facilities designed and certified to comply with CE certification requirements. ESAFARMA experience comes from hospital practice and a know-how matured in years of activity in the aseptic practice enabled the team to set up advanced technologies and to become a leading producer of disposable medical material. ESAFARMA through a well selected network of agents and distributors covers all Italy and many European and Extra-European countries. With an efficient network distribution Esafarma gives day by day assistance to its customers, whose contact is a priority. The technique assistance and the tight bond with the medical community are the essential premise for the continuous product development and for the efficient assistance service provided in the medicine field. The flexibility of ESAFARMA R&D makes it possible to respond to virtually any customer requirement in a very short time, with cost-effective and truly safe results. Esafarma is the owner of patents for new mini-invasive techniques and for back surgical procedures, hands procedures and others. ESAFARMA has certificated all the non-woven products according to the standards EN 13795-1-2-3. In brief the following features define the overall company profile: • Understanding the demand of the market • Understanding customer’s needs • Continuous research and development of products • Accurate product quality control • Efficient assistance to customers This catalogue has only a few examples of what ESAFARMA produces. All products are manufactured by ESAFARMA and are certified CE by our Governmental Medical Institute (Istituto Superiore della Sanità). Downloads: ESAFARMA PROFILE ESAFARMA_presentation.pdf