ERKA. is a family firm founded 1889. ERKA. develop, produce and sell high-quality medical equipment and have long been aware that if our own future is to be secure we must serve the highest interest of the health sector. ERKA. quality means meeting our customers' requirements in the best possible way, day after day. For us, the quality guarantee that comes with ERKA. products is not only an obligation; it's also of central importance to our reputation for proven competence and precision. The staff at ERKA. are skilled, motivated people; innovations can only thrive in an environment that stimulates new ideas and encourages ability. Cooperation, courage, trust and openness create the basis for the warm, socially aware working atmosphere that we provide. At ERKA., we see our role in the future as a company that constantly recognises what its customers really need, and that can meet these needs with precision. Our products are used every day in patients' treatment, a measure of ERKA's worldwide success.