Ergometers build with passion The development team of ergosana GmbH has 25 years experience in the construction of modern medical ergometers. Our development and manufacturing facilities are located in Southern Germany. From there, our medical devices are distributed worldwide.

For all applications in ergo metric studies, we construct the ideal equipment according to the latest standards. Another specialty of our company is the development and manufacture of blood pressure measuring devices that can reliably measure the blood pressure during physical exercise on the ergometer. In this way, the important parameters of the blood circulation can be measured during current stress. In the data compilation of ECG- and lung stress evaluations, common protocols of all the measurement data are created. This allows for simplified operation of the ergo metrical device and facilitates doctors at the diagnosis.

With our products, we place great emphasis on a high customer satisfaction. Ease of use, optimal functionality and durability are hallmarks of our ergometer. Of this, you can quickly convince yourself through the daily routine at work with our devices. Absolute mechanical reliability, a near silent drive and precisely tailored software, which secures ease for connectivity to all peripheral measuring devices in the future, for us a matter of course. Thus, we guarantee to you as our customer, that after many years you can still use our devices productively.