Ergolet’s character emerges from a desire to do something very important: Establish an enterprise that serves the needs of people in a better way. 

Our commitment to solving problems for patients and their caregivers is expressed in Ergolet’s promise to our customers: From Ergolet, you will receive highest-quality, safe, easy-to-use, and dignified means to transfer individuals who require mobility assistance – with the added benefits of elegance and style.

We strive to provide functional, innovative mobility solutions including overhead lifting systems, mobile lifts, stand aids and bathing & toileting solutions which deliver safety and ease of use in all care situations: in homes, hospitals and all types of care facilities.

We feel fortunate that our company’s patient  transfer  products can perform critically important functions that create a safe, comforting and comfortable experience for the patient, while helping to prevent injury for the healthcare worker or caregiver who is moving the patient.