Endo Optiks was established in 1991 and is the leading medical device company specializing in microendscopy for Ophthalmology. Endo Optiks proudly manufactures its devices and endoscopes in the United States and his worldwide representation and distribution.The core products are the E2 laser and endoscopy system (Diode laser, Video Camera, Xenon Light) and the E4 endoscopy system (Video Camera, Xenon Light) with endoscopes offering a variety of sizes, resolution and viewing angles. All endoscopes are autoclavable. Petented triple function endoscopes incorporate video imaging, illumination and laser delivery through microendoscopes less than 1mm in diameter provides a unique tool for minimally invasive ophthalmic surgery for a host of eye diseases and conditions. The most common use of endoscopy in ophthalmic surgery is for the treatment of glaucoma, retinal diseases and other applications such as foriegn body removal and simply visualizing areas of the eye, otherwise inaccessible.