Company Profile About Us Enable Supplies have developed a Nursing Care range designed to provide an ergonomic and dignified nursing environment. As with all equipment detailed for use in a care institution, the risk of nosocomal aquired infections is major concern. That is why we have specifically developed a range of nursing equipment which lends itself to Infection Control. All our equipment is easily sterilisible. History Enable Supplies began its journey as a brand dedicated to Technical Perfection and Customer Satisfaction. Building Business Ever since its conception, Enable Supplies has attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer service and by consistently identifying, addressing, and fulfilling the clients' needs. Our People The heart and soul of Enable Supplies has always been our people. Over the past decade, our people have led our success by living and working with a consistent set of ideals. Core Values The essential core of our great success has been a simple set of values that we at Enable Supplies strive to perfect daily. These core values, though humble and unassuming, have inspired real enthusiasm for the Enable Supplies Label. Learning Centre Enable Supplies, are delighted to present our new and interactive educational facility, The "E.S. Learning Centre".