The company "ELEPS", created in 1991 and was at the forefront of development of Russian endosurgery, today occupies a leading position among domestic manufacturers and is the only one in Russia full-cycle company , which produces all the elements of the complex endosurgical - optics, and precision instruments. 

We have created a program service support with the replacement of equipment used in the new - "guarantee the smooth operation" , it is unique and has no analogues in the Russian market. Under this program, the republic's health facilities are able to provide replacement equipment during repair and service within 24 hours from the moment of the service case, and at a periodic service replacement after 5 years spent on new equipment to offset up to 50% of its value . 

Due to the experimental design department a lot of attention is paid to innovative developments . So developed endoscopes with built-in LED illuminator are today unique and have no analogues in the world. The use of these endoscopes significantly reduces the cost of the equipment due to the exclusion from the complex illuminator expensive and reduces the cost of its operation due to the lack of need for periodic replacement of expensive Xenon lamps.