In 1900, in Hannover, the foundation of the family business "Chemically-technical laboratory Helios, Fritz racket". The following year, the company was converted into a GmbH. During the early Industrialisation, the company grew rapidly. The product range included all items of daily life that the trained chemist had Mr. Fritz racket even then manufactured in a drugstore. Even before the 1st World War, the company had about 150 employees and maintained branches in Leipzig, Vienna and London.

Since Fritz racket was a half-Jew, he received no solvent allocations during the Nazi period. During WW2 the company founder was completely bombed out, only spared his house remained. So he set about his share for 5000 DM to sell Mr Fritz Breuhan - shortly after the war a fortune that did not possess the buyer at the time. So he took Robert Gieseke, owner of a hairdressing wholesale, as partner with the business. But it soon became apparent that the interest, also adhesives strong tie, did not fit into the business field. Only some drugstores were able to be delivered. Therefore, the two men parted soon business apart. To cash out of the business share, Mr. Fritz Breuhan lent his time 5,000 DM from a woman Möller, owner of the Zurich office technology.

During this time the idea of ​​bottle brush for the elephant glue whose patent, marketed by the Hanover Fair, quickly aroused the interest of a number of customers at home and abroad. Was But there were not only produces adhesives, but also mastics and putties. Late 60s introduced a new marketing concept to a significant extension program. It came Metallic coatings - called Einschichtbronzefarben - and baking enamels added, as silicone sealants, polyester putty, rust remover, wood glue and much more.

A little later, broke a trademark dispute between the company "Bollig and Kemper" on one side and "Helios Coatings" on the other side. Without further ado, Fritz Breuhan took the word "Helios" from the word picture mark out and marketed and produced henceforth all goods under the name "Elephant". 1983 died Mr. Fritz Breuhan. His heir, preceded his wife Elise, now led the company and transformed it in 1987 in a GmbH and Co. KG to. Under the Managing Director of the Son Manfred Breuhan the operation is continued to this day.