Electronic Development Labs, Inc. also known as EDL, was started in New York City, N.Y. back in 1943. It all started with Nathan Polsky who at age 26 was trying to find extra work at the shipyard when he noticed that there was a need for temperature test equipment, therefore starting the EDL business. In 1990 EDL relocated its business to Danville, VA to produce temperature equipment that is commonly used in many diverse industrial and military applications. Industries using their temperature products range from food, plastic, or rubber, to automotive, shoe, and metal casting to name a few. EDL sells worldwide to distributors, manufacturers, and individuals. EDL provides quality products and service - the most reliable precision temperature measuring sensors, equipment, accessories, and calibrators; customized to customer specifications as needed. EDL offers an extensive line of calibrators, thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, wire, high temperature bore thru compression fittings, bimetals, lab thermometers, recorders, infrared, high temperature insulations, over 10,000 temperature sensors, and a full range of precision handheld pyrometers. EDL also offers a complete calibration service for sensors, instruments and thermometers.