Ultra-quiet high-speed motors We specialize in the design, sales and production of high-performance miniature electric motors, for the medical and dental industries. Our products are electronically commutated motors, commonly called "brushless motors". Each product is developed to answer specific requirements from our customers. As a consequence, we do not have any standard product. One of our main strength is the expertise of our engineering group. Using this expertise and our open communication approach, we can work in close collaboration with our customers to come up with the best possible design that will meet their needs. Because of that, our motors are perfectly integrated into the higher-level products. This integrated concept brings several advantages to our customers. Firstly, they result in optimized performances with lighter, smaller and more powerful units. Secondly, they sometimes bring cost benefits compared to standard motors, because all un-necessary functionalities are removed. For each application, we will suggest the motor topology that will bring the most benefits: motors with internal or external rotors, motors with axial air gap. We will also offer the most appropriate winding technologies: stators with radial slots, slotless stators, toroidal stators.