JSC Yelatma Instrument Making Enterprise is a joint-stock company with 600 employees. It was founded in 1980 and is a former USSR defense industry enterprise. Today JSC Yelatma Instrument Making Enterprise is known for its trademark ELAMED and specializes in medical products of two types: portable physiotherapeutic medical devices, that are certified for home use, and articles to prevent hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections, such as ultrasonic systems for pre-sterilization cleaning, general purpose containers, protective articles and others. Enterprise’s quality control system was the first in Russia to be certified according to ISO and MDD93/42EEC standards.JSC Yelatma Instrument Making Enterprise is a regular participant in international medical exhibitions, including International Exhibition “Medicine”, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Enterprise received multiple certifications and awards from many exhibitions and competitions, in Russia and abroad, such as Exhibition “Medicine”, in Düsseldorf and “Brussels- Eureka”, Brussels, Switzerland.Our clients include hundreds of medical facilities, thousands of pharmacies and millions of patients in Russia, EU and CIS countries,USA, Canada, Israel and others countries.The biggest advantage of our devices is that they can be successfully used at home, after only a consultation with a doctor. Our devices are used to prevent and treat many serious diseases such as bursitis, osteochondrosis, hypertension, hemorrhoids and prostatitis. The effectiveness of our devices is confirmed by test reports, feedback from hospitals, and the large amount of letters from doctors and patients from around the world. The Enterprise has modern casting machines for plastics, and its own Research Center. We have branches and representatives in many countries around the world.