AB EICA manufactures and delivers high-quality patient-related care furniture for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The products are developed in consultation with doctors and medical staff for the best design. We have manufactured and supplied medical care furniture since in 1957.

AB EICA has also customized production which we deliver products in sheet, tube and wire, primarily in stainless steel and aluminum and black plate. Today we have a modern sheet metal working department with a laser, punch and controlled press brakes. We weld with TIG and digestive, we also have our own powder varnishing plant.

We work primarily in small- to medium-sized series and we are happily involved in the entire process, from design drawing to the finished product. With the help of a number of skilled subcontractors, we can provide a total solution and also supply direct to the end customer. We are always looking forward to new challenges, new customers as well as long-lasting partnerships.