European Health Management Association

Active since 1982, the European Health Management Association (EHMA) is a non-profit membership organisation open to all those committed to improving health and healthcare. Our focus is on health management capacity and capabilities and on supporting the successful implementation of health policy and practice, so as to make a real difference to the lives of Europe’s 500 million citizens.

EHMA is the only membership organization in Europe to bring together health managers, health professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators. EHMA provides an environment where evidence, challenge and experience are valued and complex debates on current topics take place. With a secretariat located in the heart of Europe, EHMA maximizes its impact by placing its membership of over 100 members in 30 countries at the heart of all that it does.

What we do…

EHMA is principally focussed on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of healthcare. This focus on implementation has behind it the twin aims of improving the take up and successful implementation of health improvement programmes and spreading this learning back into the realms of health policy, education and training.

Writing reports, providing expert commentary and maintaining a dialogue between policy makers and front line delivery agencies, which improves understanding and take up and facilitates policy refinement and change.

Engaging in cutting edge research with some of the top research associations in Europe, with a focus on engagement and dissemination.

Management improvement
Supporting healthcare delivery to be as good as the best in Europe, through networking, events and projects.

Management education & training
Providing a unique forum for Europe’s leading academic institutions to review, initiate and develop the highest quality health management programmes.

Who we work with…

EHMA brings together a unique mix of healthcare professionals, operational managers, researchers, policy analysts and educators. Joined by a common purpose to improve the transfer of policy into practice, the space EHMA is able to provide is valued by stakeholders for its ability to bring new thinking to challenges both new and old.

Who need to network, share information and problem solve in a rapidly changing health environment.

Who want to exchange ideas and debate policy, both across Europe and at the EU level.

Educators and Researchers
Who want to participate in research and share learning amongst their peers in Europe and internationally.

How we work….

The EHMA approach is delivered through four interrelated approaches. First we use critical dissemination platforms such as our Annual Conference to showcase current change programmes. This is subsequently expanded out into work streams that take a subject focus to problem solve particular policy implementation challenges and creative vehicles for knowledge exchange, without forgetting the role EHMA plays in providing policy makers with important evaluative feedback from our Members.

EHMA is able to bring more than three decades of experience in building and supporting communities of interest within the field of health management and policy. This now manifests itself the use of the most up to date forms of social media and the highest quality networking events.

EHMA uses its effective networking skills and competencies as a platform to facilitate the dissemination of health policy and practice, again using the most up to date technologies.


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