Company Profile EF Medica Srl The company EF MEDICA, having a long professional experience in the medical field consists in a group of collaborators which have abilities in the technical sector: being responsible for products, marketing and production, as well as for the commercial and administrative sector. EF MEDICA’s business activity is the production and the commerce of medical equipment and accessories for the Neurological and Cardiologic sector. Actually the company distributes the products through resellers in Italy and in foreign countries. The company is placed in a very advantageous and strategic place: in Frangarto, Province of Bolzano, 1 km of distance of the A22 fast road (A22 Brennero). At the moment the company produces and commercialises the following products: Transound® Gel for ultrasound, EEG and ECGMedical chart papers for ECG, EEG, CTG, Disposable pregelled electrodes EF Medica®Accessories for the cardiology (original and compatible patient cables, adaptors, clamp and chest electrodes …), electrosurgery and oxygentherapyAccessories for the neurology, myography and physiotherapy Mouth pieces for spirometry Batteries and accumulators ElectrocardiographsNeurological devices Manual and half automatic Defibrillators Spirometry Electrosurgery equipmentand many others... So EF MEDICA is oriented to the national and international market and offers a bride variety of material for medical and diagnostic purposes. The company also fulfils all the obligations imposed by the normative DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and the directives 93/42/CEE, which foresee the utmost quality and guarantee for the clients and consumers.