ECO Medizintechnik – Germany - your traditional German manufacturer of bandage splint, medical products, nursing products made of aluminum, stainless steel and textile. LIGASANO® splints are easily and stably LIGASANO® foam adapts without backpressure of the swelling and thus supports LIGASANO® serves as a suction pad and can also be carrier material for ointments LIGASANO® does not cause skin irritations LIGASANO® can be applied to open wounds and other skin defects LIGASANO® has a high moisture absorption LIGASANO® reduces heat build LIGASANO® is steam sterilizable to 134° C LIGASANO® is a physically-based therapeutically active foamed polyurethane. LIGASANO® Fix can be easily manually shapes, easily attach with bandages and individually adapted to any anatomical position . The lightweight aluminum splint supports stable and guarantees at the same time a lot of mobility. The LIGASANO® dressing is pressure and suction pad and if necessary carrier material for ointments LIGASANO® FIX has proven itself in excellent - simple fractures, joint injuries and strains - sprains, abrasions and burns - infections and nail bed injury Other benefits include : enhanced secretion , sterilized with steam at 135 ° C for 3 minutes The finger splints are made of aluminum coated with a 1 cm thick Ligasano® Polyester foam pad (no foam rubber!). Arm splints and leg splints are offered with a 1 cm or 2 cm thick LIGASANO ® Polyester foam pad FIX bandage splint, finger splint, leg splint, forearm splint, Original Equipment Manufacturer, splint , aluminum splint, Halo System, Halo Orthoses, retractor coating, retractor coatings, EcoCare