We are a company that markets a complete line of disposable products for use in the operating room. Our products include fog reduction devices, an endoscopic kittner blunt dissector, and a suction swivel device.

Eagle Endoscopic, Inc. has a strong reputation for using high quality materials to meet customer requirements while providing an exceptional value. We are structured to serve the needs of our ever expanding customer base. We are constantly re-examining our manufacturing processes to reduce costs and to increase efficiencies. We provide superior customer service. Getting your order out quickly is more than a priority – it's a mission. Our order desk has instant access to pricing, inventories, and purchasing history through our computerized order entry system. Our warehouse staff ensures that each stock order we receive up until 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time goes out that very same day. This helps to reduce your dollars being tied up in inventory, storage space requirements, and the finance costs associated with carrying an inventory.

We market our products through a worldwide network of quality specialty distributors, and we can private label our products for your distribution needs.