E3 Corporation partners with clients in healthcare, manufacturing and distribution to optimize world-class business solutions by harnessing the power of global technology and the expertise of its people. The company is composed of two key business units: E3 Technology and E3 Consulting.

E3 Technology provides a broad array of world-class products that are designed to transform business operations. We carefully select superior global software partners and where necessary extend and enhance their products to suit the needs of Middle Eastern organizations.

While our available products work across all industries, we have deep expertise in evolving the enterprise technology of healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution companies across the region. At E3, we don’t just understand technology, we also understand the industries we assist and the region we operate in better than anyone else.

E3 is proud to be the exclusive Middle East partner of Infor, a global leader in industry specific technology. Through this partnership, we deliver beautiful best in class technology for a variety of industries. We also partner with renowned companies such as IMS Ardentia, Attainia, GHX, and CBORD.