Welcome to EIHF-ISOFROID! For nearly 40 years, EIHF-ISOFROID has been a manufacturer and supplier of morgue, autopsy and mortuary equipment. Additionally, EIHF-ISOFROID offers a wide range of autopsy, downdraft, dissecting and embalming tables. Hygiene and disposable products as body bags are also a significant part of the range. The EIHF-ISOFROID products are usually supplied to Hospitals, Forensic institutes, Government Institutions, Non Government organisations and to the Funeral Industry. EIHF-ISOFROID has succeeded in developing a comprehensive range of high quality mortuary equipment manufactured, delivered and installed with the utmost care and attention. Bespoke solutions can also be provided. EIHF-ISOFROID is connected with all the main educational centers for Forensic and Embalming and can provide assistance.