EF Bavis and Associates, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of drive-thru systems for the financial, quick service and pharmacy industries. EF Bavis is very different from their competitors in that they offer innovative and patented pneumatic and standard drive-thru solutions to provide for the specific needs of their customers. They do not just provide “the same old equipment” that everyone else offers. Everything EF Bavis does flows from the needs of their customers.

As a result of this approach, Bavis offers four different remote drive-thru transport technologies while everyone else offers a single solution. Because Bavis provides these options they have the the greatest flexibility in solving a customer’s particular needs. These range from the simple pneumatic tube carrier, to other more cost effective and reliable technologies including systems like the TransTrax®, Solar TransTrax, Vittleveyor®, Autoveyor® that use other means to move the carrier.

EF Bavis does not only provide remote drive-thru equipment, but is a full service vendor for the entire drive-thru environment including: banking windows, pharmacy windows, lane lights, transaction drawers and other pneumatic and traditional drive-thru systems.  They offer nine different models of bullet resistant drive-thru windows, four different deal or transaction drawers, all sorts of different drive-thru specific audio systems including one that integrates drive-thru audio with the phone system, traffic control lane lights, drive-thru video solutions, vehicle sensor and other specialty products including but not limited to the ATM-Trax which moves money out to the remote ATM building, a whole cassette at a time! They are also the only manufacturer to offer Solar powered drive-thru equipment for the financial and pharmacy industries.

Products offered by EF Bavis and Associates include the following: Autoveyor® , TransTrax® , Solar TransTrax, Pneumatic Systems , Lane Lights , Drive-Thru Audio , Vittleveyor® , ATM Trax® , Bavis Windows and many more unique drive-thru solutions for the financial, quick service and pharmacy industires. Bavis drive-thru equipment is known for its reliability and durability requiring fewer service calls. Fewer service calls mean greater equipment up time and lower overall cost of operation. However Bavis does not stop there. Because of the equipment's innovative designs, Bavis products are less costly to install.