Our Products Duzey SVT Vaginal Tape: Stress urinary incontinence can be defined as a condition of urinary incontinence which is resulted due to increased detrusor pressure during physical exercise, coughing or sneezing. Duzey SVT is a disposable strap type sterile product which is manufactured for treatment of urinary incontinence. Please click here for details...www.duzeymedical.com Duzey SVT Mini Siling: minimal invasive, fast recovery period and wide pores, it supports tissue integration and speeds up recovery period.Duzey SVT Mini Sling, which can be implanted with single incision via local anesthesia of 10 minutes, provides a minimal invasive treatment choice.

Stainles steel needlei which is used for aplication of Duzey SVT Mini Sling and has diameter of 2,3 mm that is suitable for advenced medical usage, minimizes tissue trauma in transitions and it is disposable. Duzey Mesh : Primary choice for hernia treatment is surgical operation. Also prothesis materials are considered among surgical options. When sufficient amounts of healthy tissue cannot be found or the defect is larger; it is the primary option to apply prothesis materials. Our product, propylene mesh is the tissue prothesis, which is used instead of tissue supplement exactly at this point. Propylene mesh is manufactured from non-absorbed monofilament polypropylene.

Thanks to its braided texture, treatment process of the tissue is enhanced. Click here for details...www.duzeymedical.com Duzey Dual Mesh(Silicon Covered Dual Mesh): Duzey dual mesh is made via integration of non woven polypropylene mesh and medical silicon. Silicon surface prevents sticking on internal organs. Dual mesh has a well shaping memory and provides integration thanks to its flexibility. Perforations support colonization and prosthesis is marked in the middle for easy and complete placement process.www.duzeymedical.com Duzey PGA Mesh : The product is manufactured with the combination of Polypropylene and Polyglycolic acid. Click here for details...www.duzeymedical.com Duzey 2D Mesh: Manufactured from polyester. 2D mesh has a multifilament structure.