Doctor's bags and cases made in Germany - perfection in form and function.

You will be impressed by the high quality and nice appearance of the doctor's bags and cases from DÜRAsol. They offer not only an attractive design and excellently processed materials, but also the comfort that is required for house calls in particular.

Developed specially for doctors, nurses, midwives and emergency physicians, the doctor's bags and cases from DÜRAsol are made of high-quality leather, easy-to-clean nylon and durable synthetic material with special features. Their spaciousness, flexible sorting aids, good overview, light weight and much more make these bags and cases indispensable in daily life. In addition, other products like vial dispensers, prescription wallets and record card wallets round out DÜRAsol's product line.

DÜRAsol products are so unique because more than 40 years of experience in traditional crafts is combined with a wealth of ideas and a love of innovation.




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