Company Profile DS Maref(Daesung Maref ) Co., Ltd. Daesung Maref(DS maref) is a professional company which has developing, producing and manufacturing the various Air Compression Therapy Systems since 1986. Through the various marketing fields such as Medical, Esthetic, Obesity, Sports/Rehabilitation and Home care, DS maref has selling professional equipments to each field. Besides, DS maref has also introducing the excellence of Air Compression Therapy Systems to all over the world by acquiring the certificates of FDA, CE, ISO9001, KGMP, KFDA, SFDA and etc. Even in competitiveness of the products, DS maref has securing unequalled competitiveness rather than others in quality, design and price. DS maref has participating in international medical exhibitions, beauty shows and health exhibitions every year. By these exhibitions, DS maref has introducing the various Air Compression Therapy Systems with active and aggressive marketing strategies in overseas market. DS maref will listen to more customer's ideas, and finally, DS maref will do the best to be a top company of Air Compression Therapy Systems in the world through constant developing new products. Thank you!