Douglas Battery was founded in 1921 by G. Wilson Douglas, Sr. Shortly thereafter Wilson's brother, Thomas S. Douglas, Jr. joined him in the business. The two brothers laid a strong foundation for the future growth of the company. Integrity and hard work were the cornerstones of that foundation.

In 1960, Douglas Battery purchased the assets of Perkins Industrial Battery in York, PA. This was a small manufacturer with membership in Molds, Inc., a co-op that provided access to the parts necessary to build an industrial battery. The equipment was moved to Winston-Salem, and for a period of time, sat unpacked and unused. With the skill of an extraordinary craftsman, Brooks Vogler, the first Douglas industrial battery was built in June of 1963 and sold to Botony Mills in Thomasville, NC. The battery was a DB6-13-360 and sold for $335.