Dotronix Technology Inc

Endorse Company
We sell new replacement monitors and service nearly any CRT-based monitor. Dotronix Technology, Inc. continues to sell and service many of the product lines developed by Dotronix, Inc. We are heirs to over 35 years of designing and servicing electronic display devices in many different businesses, including airports, medical device manufacturers, CNC and machine tool manufacturers, financial firms, trading floors, retail stores, and many others.By offering quality products, service and support we've quietly grown to be a significant independent display-only manufacturer. As a result of this growth we now feature one of the broadest product offerings in the industry. No one offers as many options in display size and performance as Dotronix. From high resolution, large screen monitors, Desktop Publishing, Computer Graphics, and Medical Imaging to banks of small monitors for financial institutions, security systems, transportation and many other applications. From broad product offerings to quality, service and support, no one gives you more than Dotronix. That's why we sell more monitors than any other U.S. independent display-only manufacturer.